Languages help you do Rocket Science

- By Jo

Today, while teaching a group of year 10 students I got asked the inevitable question, "Miss, why do we learn French?" I started talking about how useful knowing a language was for jobs etc. (the usual things that language teachers say), and another boy, overhearing, turned round and said “I need it for university. I’m going to do Particle Physics at Warwick and they said I need a GCSE language”. I couldn’t have put it better myself...

With competition for places being as fierce as ever, some universities are now demanding a GCSE language as an entry requirement for certain courses…so, that decision not to continue a language at year 10 could cost you later! Hopefully if you are doing a languages GCSE course right now, this should serve as a great motivator, whatever you want to do in future... Keep this in mind in the run up to exam time, or while you’re struggling with that piece of Controlled Assessment!


Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome!

- By Jo

Welcome to Linguipod’s blog.  We hope you are sitting comfortably, for we have much to talk about. I’m Jo, by the way, and I’m one of the founding members of Linguipod. I am a French and German teacher, and I love all things ‘languages’. I think language-learning is really important, of course…and that’s why, along with my super-talented programming and designing colleagues (Chris and Naomi), we decided to start Linguipod.

“So…what is Linguipod?” I hear you ask. (Yes, please do ask!). Well, Linguipod is a fab and funky new website, dedicated to language tuition. It will enable students of all ages to find a top-notch tutor in their area and will also provide language tutors with a colourful and vibrant platform upon which to advertise their skills and market themselves to potential students. Sound good? We think so…

Watch this space and we’ll tell you more about it…as well as talking about all things ‘languages’ , sharing the odd tip or two to help you learn more effectively, imparting interesting insights and observations from the world of languages and education and discussing many more subjects to boot. Who knows what we’ll talk about…the blogging world is our oyster after all!