Linguipod License for Language Tutor Resources

These teaching materials belong to Linguipod

Teaching materials provided on the Linguipod website are the property of Linguipod and remain so under all circumstances.  You are welcome to download our teaching materials and use them subject to this license but the teaching materials remain the property of Linguipod.

These teaching materials are for teaching

These resources may be used by anyone engaged in training or being trained in languages.  You don't have to be a Linguipod tutor.  It doesn't matter if you met your student through Linguipod or not.  It doesn't matter if you are being paid or not.

The teaching materials may only be used for teaching purposes.  We have designed these resources for the purpose of language training and are providing them exclusively for that purpose.

You may not use these teaching materials for the production of other teaching materials.  They may not be used in pre-recorded lessons or compiled into books.  They may not be used in live or pre-recorded broadcasts.  They may not be used over any mass media.

Don't bring Linguipod into disrepute

You must not use, modify or distribute the teaching materials in any way that could bring Linguipod into disrepute.

Used at own risk

These teaching materials are to be used at your own risk.  Linguipod does not guarantee that they are fit for any purpose.  We are not responsible for anything that may happen as a result of your use of our teaching materials.

Do not redesign or modify the teaching materials

You may store copies of the teaching materials on any storage device you find convenient, you may print them out in hard copy.  During the training process, you or your students may draw, write or colour the training materials however they may not be otherwise modified.

You may not change the design, layout or appearance of the teaching materials.

Attribution to Linguipod

Linguipod is concerned with advertising our tutors.  These teaching materials include the Linguipod logo, our copyright and web address.

You may not remove our logo or any other attribution from the teaching materials.  You may not use or present the teaching materials in such a way that the logo or any other attribution is obscured.

These teaching materials may only be distributed by Linguipod

If you like our training materials and want to use them you are welcome to make as many copies of them as you need for your own purposes.  You may provide copies to your students as you train them.  Do not provide other tutors with copies of the teaching materials - give them a link to our website.

Linguipod would be delighted if you could tell others about the teaching materials - feel free to link to our website but please do not host any of the materials yourself.  The teaching materials may not be hosted or otherwise distributed by anyone other than Linguipod.

We can modify this license at any time

Please check this license regularly as Linguipod may change it at any time.  If you find that you can no longer comply with the conditions of our license then you will have to stop using our teaching materials.

We can withdraw any or all teaching materials at any time

Linguipod may withdraw one or all of the teaching materials at any time and without warning.  In this case the resources may be removed from our website.  Linguipod may also contact you and ask you to stop using the resources and to destroy all copies of them, in which case you must do so.